Robert Hall Jr. with Austin Walker

by | Feb 19, 2024 | Covenant Podcast

The Theology of Robert Hall Jr.: The Undermining of Calvinism among the English Particular Baptists

by Austin Walker

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Robert Hall (1760-1831) became a prominent figure in Nonconformist and wider circles during the first three decades of the nineteenth century. He was preeminently a preacher endowed with unusual powers of oratory which captivated his congregations in Cambridge, Leicester, and Bristol. He was brought up in a Particular Baptist environment (his own father was the “father figure” in the Northamptonshire Baptist Association). However, he did not consistently follow in those footsteps. The Theology of Robert Hall Jr. gives an account of how he espoused universal atonement, how his doctrine of justification appeared more Baxterian than biblical, and how he strenuously promoted open communion, together with his pragmatic approach to ecclesiology. Hall represented a generation of Baptists who were departing from their Calvinistic roots, a departure which sadly continued at an even more rapid rate following his death.

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